The Indigenous Professional Support Unit is an initiative of the Inclusion and Professional Support Program, funded by the Australian Government

The Inclusion Professional Support Program

Early childhood is a critical time in human development. There is comprehensive research that shows the experiences children have in the early years of life set neurological and biological pathways that can have lifelong impacts on health, learning and behaviour. Evidence suggests that there are great returns on investment in early childhood services for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Australian Government is committed to addressing  disadvantage and social inclusion through a wide range of actions, including the Inclusion Professional Support Program (IPSP).

The IPSP is part of the broader Council of Australian Government (COAG) vision that, by 2020, all children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation.  To find out more about the IPSP and the IPSU explore the following videos provided by the Departments on YouTube.

The Regional and Remote Aboriginal Children and Services Support Unit (RRACSSU) is  the Northern Territory Indigenous Professional Support Unit (IPSU).

IPSUs provide or facilitate professional development and other support to assist Indigenous focused Budget Based Funded (BBF) services and their managing bodies to provide high quality education and care environments.

IPSUs provide support based on evidence and good practice, in order to:

  • Improve the quality of environments
  • Implement approved learning frameworks (Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place); and
  • Improve governance and build capacity of the service and its managing body (service provider)

The Inclusion and Professional Support Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education.


Completion of Project

We would like to inform all NT BBF services and stakeholders that the Inclusion Professional Support Program will be finalised by June 30, 2016. We thank you all for your support and wish you well in the Transition period. An alternative program, the Inclusion Support Program will be available from July 3, 2016.